Cube Royale is a short animated clip series, created as a part of Supercell’s Royale Family promotion in Korea for their mobile game Clash Royale. Based on the Clash Royale IP, Kepler Studio redesigned the characters and their worlds in a cubic form. With these ingredients, we created ten short, humorous clips that stemmed from situations that could actually happen inside the game.
Playlist of all ten animation clips
Visual Development: Heemin Kim
Modeling & Look Dev & Lighting: Minnie Cho
FX & Rigging: Suggwon Kim
Animating: Heemin Kim, Seongyoun Kim, Seung Gi Lee
Compositing: Minnie Cho, Suggwon Kim
"Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale" are trademarks of Supercell Oy.
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